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We started in1996 with one machine - when the owner was the only employee. It was not easy. During the day we worked in the workshop, at night we prepared, designed, made offers...

And so it went from one order to another, mouth-to-mouth recommendation from one satisfied customer to a new, potential one - slowly - but surely, we've grown. Today, the working hands of our masters, together with good technical support produce quality products with affordable prices, quick delivery and installation.


We try to make every piece of furniture new, different, special, unique, natural, functional, and compliant to all the customer's wishes - from the classical to the most modern designs.

Through continuous investments in new technological processes and machinery, we are ready to tackle with even the most demanding projects. Our main aim is to highlight the beauty of wood, Kerrock and other materials that make a product exactly as the customer intended it to be: quality, adapted to space and atmosphere; natural and functional ... more


Hreljin 236/A
51226 Hreljin

Tel/Fax. 051/503-386
Mob. 098/800-750