Children Bedrooms

Sleeping, playing, learning.... usually not too spacious rooms, though intended for a lot of purposes. One should be very imaginative in order to enable the child to sleep freely, to learn and play in his/her corner... We can put a bed above another bed, design stairs leading to the upper bed and make drawers for various things in stairs... Or we can design a desk with the bed above it. Or even make a bed in a drawer under another bed and put wheels on it...

Handles can be little boats, fishes, shells... Cabinets may be semicircular, with wings ...

There are many different possibilities, you just need to let your imagination run wild. Also, we should meet the little prince or princess who will stay in the room to find out what they want... instead of a regular bed a Formula 1 or maybe a bed with baldachin for your sleeping beauty?

It would not be bad to even consider the fact that our children grow up very quickly and that they will need a true teen room with lots of shelves, place for books... So let’s make it right away so that we can easily remove the wings from knobs, remove stuffed toys from the shelves and put a few more shelves for books, take the wheels or baldachins off the beds...

All this can be planned well in advance ... and this is why we are here.


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