It is a material that blends with any environment. It is versatile and it combines the power of hard rock, the beauty of ceramic, it is durable and reliable, rugged and powerful. With a little imagination we can play around with it and shape roundness, stairs, sinks, work surfaces on which you cannot see connections no matter how many times they break or are L, U or O-shaped. It seems that everything is made from one plate. Sinks and wash basins are of the same material / besides in the terraco version - then sinks and wash basins and white.

Colours of life

Materials and colours that surround us in space significantly affect the general mood and it is important to use materials that are pleasant to touch, are healthy and in accordance with the colours of the environment. The choice of an appropriate colour affects the harmony of the whole area and Kerrock enables a choice within a wide range of shades of colours that enrich the space. Exceptionality of the material can be felt in areas that are endowed with freshness, purity and elegance of form and infinite freedom in the design. Kerrock colour scale Plates /go to:

  • monochrome effect
  • granite effect
  • terrazzo effect


It is used in equipping kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, laboratories, shops, lounges, bars and tables in restaurants and bars, hotels, hospitals, and to equip sanitary facilities, airports, spas, shops, post offices and banks, petrol stations ...


Similar to marble, but pleasant and warm to touch. Massive, homogeneous, durable and resistant to impact and damage. Does not absorb water and is resistant to heat. It is safe against fire as it is self-extinguishing. Does not contain any allergy or other harmful substance.


Properties of the material allow easy treatment that gives excellent results. We can saw, drill, cut, grind, polish, hobble and paste the invisible connections, and thermally process the material. There is great freedom in shaping the edges and borders which can be round, flat or rounded.

Cleaning and maintenance

Preferred because of simple cleaning and maintenance. Stains are easily removed using water, and regular cleaning detergents. In case of mechanical damage it is possible to completely restore the surface through grinding and polishing.

Bonsai Certificate for the program Kerrock 2007


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