Centre part of every home is definitely the kitchen and everything that happens in it. Hostess is usually the one who knows what kind of a kitchen she wants and how to organize work in it. Correction, so the hosts do not get angry, if they often enter this space to show their culinary skills, they have the right to say a word .

A special challenge is small kitchens, where every inch of space should prove useful. However, even in larger kitchens or large ones there should never be ‘dead corners’, or areas that are inaccessible or not used. That's why we use new hinges, swivel baskets, extension drawers, uplifting doors…

In new construction or modification/reconstruction of housing it would be a good start to consult a professional – a joiner, since kitchen design is especially demanding. A lot of things should be predicted and provided for - water and drainage, ventilation, electric wiring, power sockets, where and how to put the tiles. If plasterboard is used, do not forget to incorporate reinforcement for the wall units.... These are all things that, once laid out - determine the position of cabinets in the kitchen so they should be immediately planned.

As a standard, lower edge of the upper elements is placed at a height of 145 cm, but if the hostess is not that tall lower edge may be at a height of 135 cm. When tiling is done, ceramists should take this into account. The same applies in the case when you are making plans for the kitchen of a tall housekeeper. It makes no sense to model a standard kitchen and the housekeeper’s back hurt because of unnecessary bending. That is the main advantage of hand-made and custom-made furniture.


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