Staircases and railings

Huge staircases in our house take up a lot of space, but are necessary, so let’s make them decorative ornaments of our house. Put them in warm oak wood, beech or ash and add turned fence, or a modern, stainless steel one. Let's use the space underneath for mounting cabinets or make an oasis of house plants and flowers. Then we can round them, stretch them and place pillows around the edges and use the staircase as an extra place to sit if they are a part of our living room.


Spiral staircase saves space. /But beware: you cannot carry furniture onto higher floors through spiral staircase/. Staircases can be concrete or iron and then lined with wood. They may be of a wooden construction and as such "float" in space, opening it and not appear to take up so much space. Call us and we'll design the perfect staircase - just for your space.


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